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Our Quality Assurance System

MICRO MACHINES is well suited for any task at hand. Our strength in Quality Assurance is supported by our philosophy of delivering a high quality component in a prompt and precise manner-On Time.

We have adopted the most advanced quality control systems and equipment.

All our products conform to the standard given by our customers. However we follow national/ international standard where applicable.

Quality Assurance


Our Quality Assurance System


Awarded By Many Company 2021

Micro Machine is Quality Systems- ISO/TS 16949-2009 & ISO 9001/2008 Certified Company.We are well equipped Quality Measuring Instruments. We implemented TPM Philosophy on shop floor. and follow TPM Philosophy Implemented on shop floor.
and we also have Dedicated Development team of qualified engineers aided with UG CAD CAM and auto cad software.

"MICRO MACHINES" is an engineering company with an expertise in metal machining built over deep experience and talent of our people.

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